The New Boats: (Chi-Gie Chor-ga)


local fisherman working together to protect their future & prevent an environmental disaster


The New Boats (Chi-gie Chorga) is an investigative documentary that presents an eye opening look at the impact of International Industrialized fishing in West African waters and it's disastrous effect on local communities. Sulaiman Kamara a local fisherman and Woody Backie Koroma the Public Relations Officer of Sierra Leone Artisanal Fishermen Union are passionately advocating on behalf of local fishermen and are desperately trying to prevent an environmental disaster with West African fisheries on the brink.

Chi-Gie Chor-ga’ is the name given to the new international boats that have started using the most destructive methods of fishing, both breaking international law and destroying fish breeding grounds. These boats are mainly operated by large Chinese and Korean fishing companies. Our film presents a riveting account of one community’s attempt to protect their livelihood and way of life. We witness their daily struggle and attempt to keep a new influx of International companies accountable for their actions and and preserve not just an important cultural symbol of Sierra Leone, but a critical food source that the country and region depends upon.

Director: Barmmy Boy Mansaray

Producer: Arthur Pratt

Documentary feature in production

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