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Mohammed Tyson Conteh


Speaking Through Dreams


Speaking Through Dreams is a haunting, bold and genre-bending film. As the Protagonist and director, I embark on a spiritual journey to investigate, the unnerving circumstances surrounding the death of my girlfriend Fatmata, who bled to death after a forced female circumcision ritual. My mission is driven by the fact that, shortly after her death, she appears nonstop in my dreams angry, crying and restless and insisted that I bring the genuine cause of her death to light for her to rest in peace.

My name is Mohamed S Conteh aka Tyson, son of Pa Alimamy Conteh and Ya Dankey Mansaray, born in a family of three siblings. At the age of ten I lost my father and my elder brother became the sole provider of our family. I had a mother and four children to provide for and send to school so I had to stop schooling and look for ways to raise money, starting with motorcycle (okada) transport rider. In 2009, I met WeOwnTv director Banker White and crew who provided me with the opportunity to learn about filming. That’s how I find myself in the movie world today, and now I am a founder and director of a local young film makers organization called Future View Film Group.