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Mohammed Janneh


All Don Bos


All Don Bos follows three Sierra Leoneans who are battling their addictions to an over the counter opiate Tramadol; a single mother living as a prostitute, a motorbike taxi driver and, a young man who lives on the streets.

Mohamed Janneh is a Sierra Leonean film Producer, Director and Screenwriter, with about a dozen of films to his credit. Janneh, who is the CEO and founder of Visual Arts Media, won the National Entertainment Awards for Best Director in 2017. His introduction to films came in 2008 with the release of his directorial debut movie, "Darkside of Life", which was a box-office success and won the WeOwnTV National Awards for best film in 2011. Before his film debut, Janneh had engaged in several business ventures, but has always maintained a strong interest in films and a burning desire to become a filmmaker. The success of "Darkside of Life" provided the springboard to launch his career in the Movie industry. In 2012, Janneh produced and directed his second feature, Ansev award-winner, “Secret Desire” (2012). The movie received wide critical acclaim and earned Janneh much respect among his colleague filmmakers. In the years that follow his two successful movies, Janneh turned his attention to writing, producing and directing comedies, which were now hotly in demand by Sierra Leoneans. "Deadly Misfortune" was the first in the long line of Janneh's efforts to hit the market stalls. His latest effort in filmmaking is ‘Dansa’, released in 2017. All Don Bos is his first documentary film.