Lawrence Agbetsise


We Are The Problem


Sam a 32-year-old man who wears suit and tie to sell roasted plantain in the streets of Accra. He is embarrassed to tell his own family what he does for work and the film explores issues of identity and success for young men in modern Africa. The film follows his dream to change the his own.

Lawrence Agbetsise is a filmmaker from Ghana and a graduate of the National Film and Television Institute (NAFTI). He was invited to prestigious Film workshop programs like Durban Talents, Prof. Haile Gerima's workshop at Luxor African film festival, the Africa International Film Festival training workshop, Ouaga Film Lab and a fellow at the Africa Residency program in Munich. He has worked on films that have been selected and won awards at film festivals worldwide like FESPACO, Accra Francophone film festival, Vues D'Afrique, Recontres du Film Court Madagascar, Africa Movie Academy Awards, International Student Film and Video Festival - Beijing Film Academy, to name a few. He works a lot with stories in relation to Ghana and Africa to entertain, educate and promote social change.