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John Solo


Life After the Army


Life After the Army focuses on the daily activities and stories of ex-servicemen who left the army through the Voluntary Retirement Program. The stories they tell echo the sentiment of thousands of their comrades who are scattered across Sierra Leone having gone through the same retirement program.

John Solo Fofanah made his debut in films as writer-director with the short film titled, “Scars” (16 min.), produced during the SCRIPTNET (a British charity) training course in Freetown in 2005. Since his debut movie, John has worked as director in several projects, including a docudrama in 2008, titled, “No violence” (18 min.) funded by the UNDP to help curb violence among Sierra Leone’s rival political parties. In association with London-based Collin Archie Pearce Production, John also wrote and directed a 90 min. feature titled, “Ibu In Sierra Leone”. The movie is a multi-national starrer which was successfully premiered in the UK in 2013. Between 2011 and 2013, John was credited for writing the screenplays of two features, one of these is the Ansev award-winning drama, “Secret Desire”, which he wrote for a Freetown-based film production company- Visual Arts Media. His most recent work as screenwriter-director is a 40 min. film on the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone titled, “Winter In Freetown”, which he completed in 2015.