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Fatimah Dadzie


Return to Rebuild


Return to Rebuild is a story about a young woman Fati Abubakr who left everything behind, including her business and five young children to join her husband who is an illegal immigrant in Italy. Fati was exposed to sexual exploitation, human trafficking and physical abuse during her perilous journey through the Sahara. In Europe her dream of good life was shattered. She decided to come back home (by reporting herself to be deported) but faces stigma within her community for being a female returnee. Amidst all this, we see exemplary perseverance of Fati gradually rebuilding her life and integrating back into society.

Fatimah Dadzie is a content production and communications expert, whose love for storytelling enables her to craft cutting edge campaign messages. She has over 10 years of professional experience, in video and radio production, advertising & new media marketing.

Fatimah holds a BFA in Film and TV Production (Animation) from the National Film and Television Institute and a Masters Degree in Communications, Media and Public Relations from the University of Leicester UK. She is currently a Fellow at the WeOwnTV Filmmaker’s Fellowship.